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With literally millions of websites to choose from on the internet, it is now vital to have some sort of web presence, be it a fully functional website with shopping facilities, or an online presence from which prospective clients can check out your business.

Our designs focus on clean, user friendly presentations with easy navigation being of high priority. Although we love designing our clients sites, we do not claim to be a full web service. For the build and any back-end work we affiliate ourselves with some very experienced and reputable development companies, working closely alongside to keep your site cohesive with your identity.

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Our web services include:
  • Website Design
    we work closely with our developers to ensure your
    identity fits neatly with your online presence
  • Email Marketing
    including marketing newsletters and animated christmas greetings
  • Animated Banner Advertising
    Gifs, flash banners for websites
  • Optimised web graphics
    your marketing material adapted to be placed on the web
Bells & whistles cause confusion

Think twice before adding any flashing buttons, zooming banners, kaleidoscope colours, splash pages and too many more distracting, poorly thought out web dressings to mention here.

Below are some links to websites that suck and some that do the job well.
websites that suck
logo design
Navigation is one of the most important aspects of a web design, but this doesn't mean it needs to be overly complicated or over designed. In fact, when it comes to navigating a website, simplicity is a good thing.

Your visitors want to find your information very quickly, or they will give up and find another website. They are usually disappointed if it takes more than two clicks from the home page to find information on your website.

websites that suck websites that work